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DIY Paw Balm

Dogs paws are just like our hands, they get dry and crack and can cause some great pain. Also just like our hands they tend to soak up just a little bit of everything they touch. During the summer its not so bad but during the winter with all the chemicals that are put on the ground to melt the ice can be very dangerous for our pups. What can you do about it you ask, well just like our hands, if we keep them well moisturized  they don’t soak up what they touch. So you use this Paw Balm on your pups feet every day or so to keep their paws from cracking and from soaking up all the chemicals outside.


DIY Paw Balm

2 T. olive oil
2 T. coconut oil
1.5 T shea butter
2 T. beeswax (small pellets work best for melting and measuring)

In a microwave safe small container, combine the 4 ingredients.
Heat in 30 second increments, stirring between until melted.

Once it is melted and mixed thoroughly put in a container for easy application to your pups paws. ChapStick tube works, or an old deodorant container. You can also use a mason jar lid or a smaller Tupperware container.

Use as you feel necessary for your pups feet. During the Winter months with all that snow on the ground put it on about 5-10 minutes before them going outside to protect their paws, this will also help with the micro snow balls that build up on the little hair between pads.

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I am a down home Country Woman, and I love to train dogs, and horses. I have produced my own training curriculum through my years. The following blog posts are all my beliefs and how I like to train. If you ever have questions or comments that you would like to email me directly please feel free to email me at

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