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Ear Mites

WARNING: Graphic pictures of infected ears at bottom of post.

As promised in my post Ear Infection here is the post on ear mites. Now there is not much difference in the appearance of an Ear Infection and Ear mites. Ear mites are extremely small and resemble coffee grounds as an ear infection is just red-brown yeast/bacteria infection.

Please read my post Ear Infection because signs and symptoms are the same.

Ear mites are popular in puppies, cats, rabbits, and areas with several dogs.

The treatment for simple ear mites is no different then just an Ear Infection. You clean the ear and you use medicine to kill the mites, mites eggs, and the infection they have spread. Now the difference with mites is it is extremely likely that the mites could have transferred a different infection or disease to your dog as well as the ear infection. Therefore if you see the coffee ground looking little buggers in your babies ear, take them to a vet to ensure nothing else has been transferred. Now when you’re at the vet they will most likely prescribe the medicine to clean up the infection and kill the mites. Here are some more medicines that you can purchase. As stated in my post Ear Infection this is my favorite ear infection, mite killing medicine.

The other difference with ear mites is you have won your self an entire through house cleaning. Just like fleas ear mites can “get off” one dog, sit on the floor for a bit and be “picked up” by another dog. Granted ear mites can not live long without a “host” but they can still be hiding anywhere. So you get to clean your floors really well. Along with under your bed, the couch, chairs, tables, in your dogs crate, in their dog bed, around their food and water bowls, the bathroom, well pretty much everywhere. Unlike fleas a through house cleaning should do the trick because mites do not live long off of the host.


I hope you all learned something from this post and I hope your fur babies are ok. If you have any questions feel free to email me at



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