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Puppy to Adult

My last post we talked about how to switch from one brand to a different brand, today we will be talking about how and when to switch from Puppy food to Adult food.

There are a few ways to decide if your dog is ready. First, does it seem like your dog has stopped progressing, stopped growing? Time to change. Has your dog been growing to fast in your opinion? Time to change. Is your puppy 12 months old or older? Time to change.

Ok, now this I know seems confusing, but some vets say to switch your pup at around six months old to adult food because puppy food will make them progress to fast and shorten their life length (not by much at all).

In my personal experience my dogs had stopped progressing and I changed their to adult because they were not progressing and as soon as I switched they were progressing again.

If your pup progress perfectly every month, gets kind of chubby, then a few days later grows like 3 inches and is all skinny again. Then keep them on that food. If they seem to be growing to fast feel free to change foods, but if they seem to be growing perfectly switch at 1 year old.

Now that we know when to switch. Check out my last post Switching dog foods to see exactly how you should be changing from puppy food to adult food.

Well I hope I didn’t confuse you to much and I hope this answered some questions.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions.



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