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Training Collars

There is large controversy over the e-collars because they use an electrical shock to correct the behavior of your dog. Well guess what, just like everything else they have improved greatly in the past few years. I remember with our first family dog when I was young we only had the choice of shock and we had 10 different settings of shock. It also cost about $100. Now most collars have a beep setting, 100 different vibration settings, and 100 different electrical shock settings. The best part most cost less then $50. My favorite part, you can control two different collars with one remote.

Here is an search for dog training collars.

Here is the collar I use for my dogs.

What I love about training collars.

First, I have only used the shocking feature once. I always start with the beep feature, then gradually increase to vibration, stronger vibration, stronger vibration, then low shock and increase as needed.

Second, My Pit bull and I used to take long walks through the field next to the house and if she was way in front of me and starting to roll in cow manure I cant just say no, but I can push the beep button on the remote and she stops immediately and runs back to me. She also tries to go through the fence and go out to the highway and again I push the beep button and she comes running back. These collars are great for off leash training our dogs.

Third, My GSD I use the beep feature as an attack command and the vibration as an out command. The versatility of these collars go as far as your imagination.

Fourth, My parents-in-laws use the same collar I do for one of their dogs that barks a lot. They use the beep feature when he is outside barking at well anything and everything. The beep stops him from barking and he goes back in the house. This dog is older but has learned very quickly what the beep means and that if he keeps going so does the beep.

Fifth, These collars can adjust from very small to very large. I use the same size collar for my 100 lb German Shepherd as my 45 lb Pit Bull as my parents 70 lb Chocolate lab. The collars also come with 3 different size posts for the collars to go through the extremely long hair of our GSD to the minimal hair that my Pit bull has.

Sixth, NO BATTERIES!!!! you don’t have to go looking for those pesky little specialty batteries. The collar that I use is rechargeable, both the collar and the remote use the same charger and they don’t take long at all to charge.

Seventh, When I bought this collar I only had one dog, now I have two, all I had to do is go onto Amazon where I bought it, find the same model and order a second receiver and collar strap. The owners manual tells you how to program the second collar with the remote and viola.

Eighth, I only use the collar like every six months. After my dogs have learned, I’m not aloud to climb through the fence and try to get to the highway, or I’m not aloud to roll in cow poop, or I have to stay where mom can see me; I don’t use it until they start acting up or “forget” they aren’t aloud to roll in poop. I keep the collar in the dogs bed room and when I need it I can use it.

Ninth, …… um…… um I think eight things is all I have. But I really do like these collars. They have save my dogs from getting hit by cars on the highway and have helped me so much with training.

If you guys are debating weather it is the right thing for your family and have questions feel free to email me anytime and I would be happy to answer any questions.

I hope this helped answer some questions and I hope you enjoyed.



I am a down home Country Woman, and I love to train dogs, and horses. I have produced my own training curriculum through my years. The following blog posts are all my beliefs and how I like to train. If you ever have questions or comments that you would like to email me directly please feel free to email me at

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