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The biting stage in puppies is cute for like a day, then it just hurts and its those sharp little baby teeth just destroy everything. Getting a puppy to stop biting at an early age is important, the longer they bit the harder the bit and the harder it will be to get the puppy to stop. Stopping a puppy from biting as early as possible is important; but being persistent and holding your ground correcting the behavior is not easy!

How I stopped my puppies from biting is very easy but takes a very long time. When your pup is biting, grab the top jaw of your pup right behind the k9 teeth and say OWW, and No, all while holding the top jaw. Doing this every time your pup is biting is what is going to stop them. If it keeps getting worse and your pup is stilling biting, you will have to step up the discipline. If your pup keeps biting, try taking them out of the situation and putting them in their crate, let them calm down then bring them back out. Also giving them something they are aloud to chew on. Like these chew toys for large dogs.

My GSD is just over a year and is getting very excited lately, he is about 90 pound and thinks he is a 12 pounds lap dog. He has no clue how big he is and doesn’t know his strength. With him going through advance bite training he is extremely powerful. I am working on teaching him the right time to bite and when we are playing.

I hope this helps some of yall and like always if you have any questions please feel free to email me at



I am a down home Country Woman, and I love to train dogs, and horses. I have produced my own training curriculum through my years. The following blog posts are all my beliefs and how I like to train. If you ever have questions or comments that you would like to email me directly please feel free to email me at

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