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Keeping your pets safe Today

Halloween is the night of a thousand door bells. Below is several tips to ensure your pets safety tonight.

  1. If you believe that taking your dog out trick or treating tonight will scare him or upset him then leave him home. Tall hats and masks can be confusing and frightening to pets, and may lead to misplaced aggression and fear. Many dogs will slip their collars, or suddenly bolt, leaving them at large and at risk for any number of mishaps. Even my GSD gets scared over something silly even with his protection training.
  2. If staying home create a safe haven from the door bell, scary masks, and chaos of children. Yes German Shepherds are great with kids, that’s part of their nature but are they good with 5+ kids grabbing candy from their owners hands? The constantly ringing of the doorbell and the noise of children on the sidewalks outside can cause naturally nervous and even normally calm pets to become agitated. When the door opens, the candy-grabbing chaos ensues, and in the confusion your pet may run out into the street where it seems safer; but of course it’s not. Take extra measures to be sure that your pet is  in a different room with a door closed, or in their crates to ensure everyone’s safety. Of course give them a special treat or new toy to keep him occupied and at ease.
  3. Be sure to lock up the candy, and empty candy wrappers. We all know candy is not good for our dogs and candy wrappers could cause a serious blockage. More on this topic in my other posts Halloween Costumes! and Things to remember this Autumn
  4. Pet costumes, Yes they are very cute but some pets will not think so. If you’re going to costume your pet, and your pet is tolerant, make sure you select a costume that is comfortable. Don’t obstruct their vision with masks or hats. Avoid elastic around the neck that could restrict breathing, and avoid tight closures that would be exceptionally uncomfortable. Last keep an eye on your dogs disposition while in the costume. If he seems uncomfortable or getting ready to rip it off, remove it. There is no need to stress out the pups just for them to look cute.
  5. Paint, If you are going to paint your dog please please please make sure the paint is not toxic to dogs!!! Pet stores often sell pet-safe paint as well as Amazon. Amazon has several different colors, stencil kits, and ideas. Click here to see them.
  6. Pumpkins, Yes pumpkin is great for dogs. The seeds not so much, and neither is the mold that grows on pumpkins in just a few short days. So if your allowing your pet to eat the pumpkin inspect it first to ensure there is no mold, paint, or seeds in or on it.


I am a down home Country Woman, and I love to train dogs, and horses. I have produced my own training curriculum through my years. The following blog posts are all my beliefs and how I like to train. If you ever have questions or comments that you would like to email me directly please feel free to email me at

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