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Puppy Training Pads

So every first or second time puppy mom or dad will normally buy the puppy training pads and only use a handful and give up on them. Me personally I HATE the training pads for most situations. First of all I feel like it took more training to teach my puppy to pee on the pad then it did to train them to pee outside. When they did learn to pee on the pad they would still pee there when there wasn’t a pad. URGGG so I found it best to potty train harder and faster as early as possible and not worry about the pads.

On the other side of that I did have to go to work for 8 or more hours a day when I had a puppy and I couldn’t be there to train. So during the day I would put a pad in the large plastic crate, with a small throw blanket (the one that’s like $2 at Walmart) in the very back to hold down the two back corners. I would then put a small food bowl on one of the front corners and a small water on the other front corner. This worked great until she learned how to dig up the sides and destroy the pad to shreds. It worked long enough for me to get my shift switched so someone would always be home with the pup.

For small dogs many people use the training pads every day not just for training and that great for them but for me I just didn’t like them around my house. They work great in the crate for when your not home until they figure out how fun it is to shred to pieces.

Hope this helps some people and here is a link to some different training pads if you want to give them a whirl.



I am a down home Country Woman, and I love to train dogs, and horses. I have produced my own training curriculum through my years. The following blog posts are all my beliefs and how I like to train. If you ever have questions or comments that you would like to email me directly please feel free to email me at

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