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Personal Space

Personal Space, what in the world is that??? If you have a GSD or other very protective dog you know what I am talking about. Having an audience when you go to the bathroom, or shower, the dog that steps on the back of your flip flop as your trying to walk around. Yup that’s the life right there…….well I would like some personal space! Would you????

Guess what, you can!!!! Yes it is possible!!

So when I first got my GSD I knew this was going to be a problem for me and not my husband because I am a stay at home dog mom. My dogs are around me every day all day so I am the one they have connected to and protect the most. Don’t get me wrong I love it, that’s why I stay home with them every day, but I also like my privacy. So what I did was very simple and only took a few days for my GSD to catch on and to still protect me but from behind a closed door.

I live in a house where not all door close well or even lock. So its extremely hard to keep a large dog out of a room I don’t want him in. All I did was teach him. When I would go to the bathroom and he would follow me in. I would let him look around for a second then tell him to get “out” then I would close the door “door doesn’t latch” then I would use the restroom as I was sitting there my dog (in the beginning) would use his paw to push the door open now and then. I would reclose it and not say anything. If he kept doing it and got more agitated where he would start whining or crying I would again only say “out” this would normally get him to stop for about 10 minutes or so.

First times taking a shower I would close the door and go along with my business. After like 2 minutes there would be a black nose at the end of my shower….. I would say “out” and he would leave for a minute or so and be right back. The next day I put him in his crate right before I got in the shower and let him out as soon as I would normally open the door to the bathroom. I did this for a few days then let him be out when I took a shower. By this time he has realized he isn’t allowed in the bathroom when I am in there from the Bathroom ritual in the paragraph above and being in his crate during showers. So he would lay just outside the door and wait for me. WE ARE MAKING PROGRESS!!! but what happens when you are carrying all of your dirty cloths, and checking your phone for messages or email. I’m not looking down at the ground……where there lay a 90 lb dog…..yup I would trip over him all the time. So I got the idea to sit him just a hair to the right of the bathroom door. He picked that up pretty quick, he doesn’t like being tripped over I guess…. So when I would go into the bathroom and close the door, I would wait until I heard him lay down outside the door, I would open the door, move him to where I wanted him, just to the right of the door, then tell him to sit, lay down, and stay. I would then go about my business as usual. This worked great for him and for me. This way he could see down both hallways and see into 3 room and be able to “protect me” better; and I didn’t trip over him!!!


Hope yall enjoyed this post and all other posts and hope it helps somebody!

If anyone tries this please comment below with how it worked for you!!

If you have any questions please feel free to comment or contact me!




I am a down home Country Woman, and I love to train dogs, and horses. I have produced my own training curriculum through my years. The following blog posts are all my beliefs and how I like to train. If you ever have questions or comments that you would like to email me directly please feel free to email me at

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