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Does your fur-baby have diarrhea?? Are you wondering how to help your poor baby so they feel better?? Here are a few ways to help.

Cooked white rice on top of their dog food. The white rice during the digestion process will coat the inside of the intestines to get them back to feeling 100% again. You can also add some cooked chicken (with no seasoning) on their food as well. It is easy for them to digest and not likely to give them diarrhea.

Pepto-Bismol on top of the white rice will also help. The dog safe amount for dogs is 1 teaspoon per 20 lbs of dog’s weight. So for most of our German Shepard’s we are looking at 4-5 teaspoons. I would only use the pepto once a day.

Imodium A-D is also a human-dog safe medicine that you can use instead of Pepto-Bismol the safe amount for that is 1 milligram per pound of dog.

Some diarrhea can be caused by something as serious as an allergy, or worms down to something as small as drinking rain water. With that being said you need to keep an eye and see if it gets better or if it stays the same. If it doesn’t get better in a about 2 days you will need to consult a vet.

Some dogs like my German have very sensitive stomachs. My GSD gets diarrhea even if he drinks rain water. I keep a very close eye on what he eats, drinks, and chews on because of his stomach, but lets be serious we cant always keep an eye on these dogs. So I keep a box of instant white rice on hand at all times.

I have also posted a dog safe human medicine post that you can check out as well.

Hope this help



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