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My Pit Bull loves her toys, she loves throwing her ropes around and looking like a goof ball. The day after bringing home my GSD he literally ate all my the ropes. We had some very colorful poop out side but I knew I had to get some tougher toys. My Pit Bull had already proven to me that any and all Kongs (even the black extreme) were not tough enough. Any toy with stuffing and a squeaker are destroyed in seconds. I found the Indestructibone on facebook and thought I would give it a try. I went on to their website Indestructibone and noticed they were giving 15-20% off the total, which is awesome because I have two dogs that fight over everything. So I ordered the standard size and an XL (they have weight recommendations for the sizes).  I received the package on my GSD’s 1st birthday so that was pretty cool. They have a small hole on either side so I put some peanut butter in both sides and I have some bacon strip so I crumbled some up and put that in with the peanut butter. The other awesome thing about  Indestructibone is they have a 90 day one time replacement. For that case when you have a super extreme chewer and they destroy it within 90 days.

I have currently had these indestrucibone for about 60 days and they are going strong. They definitely show some wear but they are still in one piece.


I love these bones and so do my dogs. They have defiantly saved me some money on other toys. Check out their website and facebook to see some pictures and videos of other dogs enjoying their bones. My dogs love their bones and I am sure your dogs will love it too!


Picture is from their website.indestructibone

This is a picture of my dogs enjoying their bones.



I hope this helps some of yall that are struggling to find toys tough enough for your dogs.




I am a down home Country Woman, and I love to train dogs, and horses. I have produced my own training curriculum through my years. The following blog posts are all my beliefs and how I like to train. If you ever have questions or comments that you would like to email me directly please feel free to email me at

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