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Cuts and Scrapes

Dogs are very mischievous and tend to get cuts and scraps from time to time. My favorite thing to do for cuts and scrapes is a spray called Vetericyn wound and skin care. It is like and all in one cleans, disinfects, and promotes healing. I use this all the time!!! We have barbwire fences around my house and my dog goes through the fence to play with the horses and comes home with cuts on her back and belly. All you have to do is spray it 2-3 times a day and it is gone in no time.

There are several different Vetericyn’s there are some gel and some for ears, eyes, hot spots, and several more. One for all your needs.

To be honest I love this spray so much that I use it on my self all the time as well. I get cut on barbwire a lot as well and it heals a wound so much faster than if you didn’t use it. My grandson fell on his bike and I sprayed some on it and it healed up in no time.

Vetericyn works on dogs, cats, horses, and there is a picture of a parrot on mine so I guess it works on birds too.

Where to buy: If your in the United States you can order it off of by clicking here. You can also find it at your local ranch supply, tractor supply, or Big R stores have it as well.

This stuff is AWESOME SAUCE!!!!!!!!





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